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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 31, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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can we do it again? that's what i'm talking about, san francisco. hold on. we're going to coming back to that. i just want to have a little more fun. jeremy afelt. we need about five more for that. resign pablo. off in the distance, you see a lot of workers busy at work to clean up. you heard that chant there. yes, yes, yes. the famous chant yes to a 2010 championship, yes to a 2012 and
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yes to a 2014. we i'llwe we'll have more. >> what would a giant parade be without the mayor of san francisco. he came out to celebrate the third world series win in five years. he spoke to thousands of giants fans out to the ceremony. >> yes, yes, yes, we did it. our giants more than shocked the world this last wednesday with a dramatic game seven win, and they secured a place forever in our hearts and in our history books. >> our team coverage continues tonight with kron 4's dan curman. >> it's 6:30. while that may not sound early
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to you, it's not for these giants fans. >> how long have you been here? >> two hours. since 4:00 in the morning. >> down a single lane to mcallister. that's why these fans are here. >> this is our spot. this is our third parade. >> this is our second time out. >> we were here in 2012. it's honestly the best location that you can possibly have. >> and it's not just assuming it will be good. they know it will be good. >> we get really close to the players. that's bochy in 2012. that's how close he came right by us. that's how close we all were when we stand right here. >> and now they're here to see our favorites. >> we want to see everybody. >> post buster posey. i'm looking forward to seeing bum. actually all of them. panda, especially, so i can tell him to stay. because we don't want him to go. >> and hours later tax parade was wrapping up, it didn't look
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like there was a disappointed fan in the crowd. dan curman, kron 4 news. >> well, of course right now hundreds of thousands of people are heading home from the parade. it's a little wet outside. chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett? >> thankfully that rain has tapered off at this hour. you're looking at your camera. the pavement is still wet out there. as we look at storm tracker radar, we do have a little bit of light rain lingering through the portions of the east bay and south bay. it's now pushed into the center valley. we do have more rain in forecast tonight. so there is the cold front, the main band of rain headed to central valley. still cloudy over the bay area. looking just offshore, the core of this system is going to bring more showers with it. later tonight. so for your halloween forecast, it will be mainly dry in the north bay. mainly dry in the south bay as well. we're going to see rain pick up
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a little later in the evening for the south bay. we'll see a chance of spotty storms for san francisco and the peninsula. i think things are largely going to stay dry. for your halloween trick-or- treating forecast. let's head over. of course a lot of people spilling out into the streets. we don't have bad conditions right now on the bay bridge toll plaza. we're seeing pretty much a short commute all the way from 101 to the toll plaza. only 11 minutes across, but we do have slow traffic. up 80 from macarthur maze, all the way to -- that's a sluggish 30 minutes. as we move toward 880, also, really sluggish conditions in fremont. it will take you 30 minutes as well. obviously people spilling into the streets. the bay bridge toll plaza, not too bad right now, but that could change as all the people head home from the parade.
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we'll keep you posted on that. pam? >> also, coming up tonight at 5:15. an explosion that rocks a neighborhood. what authorities think is the cause. at 5:30, a look at giants youngest fan who is missed school today to catch the big parade. at first, a virgin galactic test flight crashes. we'll have more straight ahead. ♪
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rocket exploded during a test flight today. one pilot was killed. another seriously hurt. you can see the wreckage in the remote section of the mohave desert. it's uncertain what caused the crash. witnesses reported seeing an explosion. the national transportation safety board is sending a team to investigate the failure. we've now learned this rocket was deliberately destroyed. a spokesman said the operator hit the self-destruct button after it became apparent there was a problem. the flight termination was engaged in order to make sure it didn't explode over a popular area. that was after realizing it was not going to make it into space. the rocket was carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies, including
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experiments from a school in oakland. it was supposed to be heading into the international space station. no word yet on what caused that malfunction. still ahead tonight, an east bay apartment complex burst into flames. investigators are still on scene. the very latest coming up next. plus, new information on the nurse in maine who defied a quarantine order after treating below patients in africa. the judge's ruling is next. of shaving stuff. and thankfully, being able to find backups.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups. firefighters and search teams are still on the scene of an explosion and fire in walnut creek. at least two people seriously injured and at last word, a search is under way for a possible third victim. all of this taking place at a condominium complex near the boulevard and north main street. as reported, the explosion rocked and shocked the entire neighborhood. >> this was a huge explosion. i highly doubt that it was gas. >> one of the first people on
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scene after the explosion, neighbor bob grossman arrived to see two bloody men stagger from the still burning condo. >> their clothes were blown off of them they were so badly burned. >> both men rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the 10:20 a.m. blast here on sunny sunnyvale avenue blew the roof off. the authorities expect this may have been caused by exploding butane tanks related to an illegal drug lab. >> we're confident it wasn't a natural resource. we're also confident it's not an arson or any type of terrorist act. >> lumber and roofing materials lay scattered over a wide area. neighbors said the explosion knocked over furniture and broke windows 200 feet away. a still shaken vanessa
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rollivich lives just across from where the blast occurred. >> like i said, i saw the guys come out and obviously "f were really injured. i tried to get far away because i thought things are going to keep exploding. >> as many as 50 people were chased from their homes and are being helped by the red cross. firefighters eventually doused the flames and searched for possible victims. as bob grossman says it sounded and found like a big earthquake with damage to match. >> it blew off part of branches of the tree that's opposite. this huge tree that was opposite the building. there were branches completely blown off the tree. the impact was incredible. >> in walnut creek, kron 4 news. a double chp officer facing two felony charges for allegedly taking and sharing explicit photographs of female dui suspects.
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it cost the district attorney office. officer sean harrington has been pulled from patrol. he's accused of searching phones of women he arrested and texting risque photographs to himself and other officers. a pair of alleged incidents happened back in august. district attorney office says no other officers will be charged at this time. one man is accused of starting seven fires in alameda back in september. steven peterson was arrested at the scene of one of the fires. police say he matched a suspect description given by a witness. today officials say new evidence suggests that peterson was not involved in those arsons. the fires did a total of $3 million in damage. another lawsuit has been filed in the deadly bus accident in northern california. the family of a bus driver killed along with nine others filed a wrongful death lawsuit against federal express. the lawsuit claims the fedex
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truck was operated negligently and caused the crash. the bus was carrying los angeles high school students to a weekend tour of a university. state officials say they will cooperate with the ongoing investigation. tonight we've learned the the identity of the woman who died after becoming stranded on rocks near land's end. 26-year-old randy sal month was pulled out of the water and pronounced dead yesterday afternoon. according to her facebook page she had just moved to san francisco. a second victim identified as a 27-year-old man was pulled to safety. he suffered minor injuries. officials say the pair was hiking near el camino del mar and 23rd avenue when they apparently fell from a cliff. planning to train teams to respond in case of domestic cases of ebola. the teams will be similar to the group that has completed
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training in texas. the first team is made up of army, navy, air force personnel. the team is trained to recognize ebola symptoms and end virus containment procedures. >> the nurse in maine who defied state orders to remain isolated can move about freely. a judge ruled today that kaci hickox does not need to be quarantined. the judge said the state's effort was based on misinformation and bad science. hickox has tested negative for ebola. she was thrilled with the result. >> i have been compliant with the act of monitoring that the cdc recommends. i will continue to be compliant. yeah, it's just a good day. i know that ebola is a scary disease. i have seen it face to face, and i know that we are nowhere near winning this battle.
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we will only win this battle as we continue this discussion as we gain a better collective understanding about ebola and public health as we overcome the fear and most importantly as we end the outbreak that is still ongoing in west africa today. >> hickox returned to the united states last friday and was put in isolation in a tent at the airport. she was allowed to go home but still under quarantined. she said it was a violation of her rights since she does not have any ebola symptoms and the court agreed. meantime, that dog belonging to dallas nurse nina pham has completed his 21 days in quarantined. the spaniel tested negative for ebola. nina pham was one of the nurses who cared for thomas eric duncan who died in dallas.
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she's cured and will be reunited with her puppy tomorrow. stay with kron 4 for the continuing coverage of the ebola scare in the u.s. we have a section on our website dedicated to ebola, including symptoms and how the bay area is responding to the crisis. that's all on a rainy morning around the bay area. things quieting down a little bit. we're looking live from the bay bridge toll plaza. it's cloudy, but the pavement is drying out. same thing at the golden gate bridge. a few light showers over the east bay and south bay. san jose is where we actually saw the most rain. half an inch of rain there. i have a quarter of an inch in san francisco. little more than that in oakland. a third of an inch of rain in
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napa. take a few more look in napa. about four-tenths in san bruno. richard, a third of an inch of rain and a quarter in the valley. right now the main front pushes into the central valley. we're still seeing cloud cover. as we take a look offshore, we're not done yet. this is the core of that low pressure system. and it has a spotty cloud pattern which we've become really familiar with. it brings you spotty rain after the main front has pushed through. also, the stability in that. we could see spotty thunderstorms. you can see it's not very far off the coastline. is it going to impact your trick-or-treating? looks like no. we'll look at the trick-or- treating forecast and the week ahead, coming up in just a bit. >> next, hawaii residents remain on edge as a slow-moving inferno inches closer to home.
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this deadly crash involves a bus in northern california. find out what happened.
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the lava flow rolling through hawaii seems to have stopped for now. you can see it's smoldering but not moving. however, hawaii officials say there's still a threat to the community. the liquid rock began moving near the residential area back in june on the big island. that's when a volcanic crater released a river of lava. while it's flowed, there's a movement in a different direction. >> this is a lot of activity behind it. it causes the forefront to widen. further up slope, will's breakouts on the east side. we'll be watching it closely. the red cross is still operating a shelter for any residents that have to leave their homes there. state officials say it's flowed for 13 miles. coming up at 5:30, a look at
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the best of the best from today's huge celebration for the world series champions, san francisco giants. and some parents with their children get a day off from school today for the parade. we'll check in with them next. >> california schools are ranked 46th out of 50 states. 46. millions of california kids are having their futures robbed by our broken education system. in 2012, 9 kids actually sued the state demanding a fair chance at a good education and better life and in 2014, those kids won. the courts agreed that those kids' civil rights were being violated by failing schools. then jerry brown had a choice. he could either stand up and fight on behalf of those kids or he could fight on behalf of the union that funded his political career. shockingly, jerry brown turned his backed on and betrayed the neediest kids in california, and he's fighting those kids in court today, fighting to deprive them of the chance of a
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the streets were electric with jubilation for the san francisco giant this is morning. it was a day that brought a lot of rain, but confetti coming down as giant fans defied the weather, just as the team defied all the challenges. gary, darya, mark brought things to the viewers today. >> the world series champions parade through the street of san francisco. we're live all along the parade route. >> san francisco fire department truck making its way down market street signaling the start of the parade. >> what's your message to these fans? >> they have a power -- they have empowered this team. we wouldn't be here without that that. >> it's been exploding as the big name players go by.
5:30 pm
this is a vantage point. it's turning off market street, coming down mechanic mcallister and headed down civic center. as you can see, they're getting the crowd to get excited. they blue some confetti in the air. that's as loud as the crowd has gotten. >> he's so great. we talk about the fact that they've got to keep them. he's sick of the panda hat. he's a character and the face of the team. >> and he's our own, the something of the world champion giants, bruce bochy. >> to you fans out there, believe me, never, never question your roll in all of this. you're a force. these guys, they feed off that force. i feed off that force. >> first and foremost, madison
5:31 pm
bumgarner buster posey, world champions. resign pablo. we need about five more for that. five more for that. resign pablo. [music] we are the champions ♪ no time for losing ♪ cause we are the champions ♪ of the world ♪ the outpouring of love from the fans during the victory parade today was too much to resist for a few of the giant players.
5:32 pm
kron 4's nick young was there when several of the superstars gave their adoring fans quite a big stir. >> they brought it again. one by one floats passed by carrying all of their favorite players here at the san francisco giants world series victory parade, savoring the moment, a few of the giants baseball stars stars hopped off their double decker buses to great the fans and reflect on this historic occasion, like left fielder michael morse. >> this is something you never think you can experience, and if you do, you're lucky to do it once. this crowd has done it three times now. it's unbelievable. >> san francisco has the best baseball fans in the world. this is absolutely amazing. >> fans favor buster posey. he's experienced winning a pair of these trophies before. how does winning it all for a third time measure up?
5:33 pm
>> they're all special. this one was a grind, you know. this one going game 7 on the road, it was tough. >> and although fans are already shouting the d word, giants generaller brian sabean chooses to put a different spin on the term dynasty when it concerns his organization. >> that's enough said for me. northern california and the city of san francisco. >> in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> the parade today was a big hit with families and kids with many children ducking school to watch the giants' victory parade cruise down market street as kron 4 reports, the young fans had a lot to say about this special day. >> i'm teresa. i'm along the parade route. i've been talking to people, including kids who took the day off because they just wanted to celebrate with their favorite
5:34 pm
team. that would include -- where are you from. >> from the -- excelsior district. >> is this important. >> yes, it is very important. i went to the 2010 one. my teacher got angry at me, but i didn't care. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> this is history. >> yeah, i know, right? it's awesome. >> do you think that this team is a dynasty? does that make sense to you. >> yes, one more, i think they will be the team of the decade. >> right on. thank you for sharing your i insight on this. i'm digging that. do you know gary rad vladimir
5:35 pm
radnich? >> kron 4 will bring you the encore presentation on sunday, november 9th. it's an hour long look back at the parade's best moments and speeches. you can catch it right here on kron 4. >> well, the rain came through this morning. now it's pushing through the central valley, still seeing rain near morgan hill down into gilroy. generally the bay area is dry right now, that's not the end of the rain just yet. the core of the system, that's the pattern. that means spotty rain, and there's quite a bit of instability out there, especially along the coastline down towards the south bay. so a chance of thunderstorms. that's mainly going to be tonight around midnight. so the north is going to stay mainly dry for you trick or treaters. you might as well get out there while it's dry. later this evening, pretty late, actually, again, closer to midnight. all the trick or treaters should be in bed by then. in san francisco, the peninsula, we have a chance at thunderstorms, but i still
5:36 pm
don't think it's going to happen until later this evening. the trick-or-treating forecast looks good. we'll talk more about what you will see tomorrow morning. the possibility of a lightning and hail around the bay area, coming up in just a bit. >> also coming up at 5:45. halloween is here. a look at some of the movie villains that send a chill up and down your spine. first, getting starbucks in your pajamas? the new service just unveiled by the coffee giant. >> a popular social network is about to change how it does things, and a lot of people are not going to like it. stay tuned. stay tuned. that's comin sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut. mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0 is here.
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well, it's not available yet, but soon your favorite starbucks drinks could be delivered to your doorsteps. a coffee and food delivery service. the company says it will be available to starbucks loyalty program members who use the new
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starbucks mobile app. the app also allows people to prepay for their drinks and pick them up in the store, but if you're waiting for the delivery service, it is expected to launch nationwide next year. thanksgiving is a little under one month away, but you will be able to go black friday shopping tomorrow. online retailer amazon says it will host deals on its website this saturday. it says the deals will last until late december. amazon will also be rolling out lightning deals to its prime members. if you think this is too early, paypal says its users started their holiday shopping at the end of the september. a live look outside on satellite and radar picture. the main front pushing into the central valley, but we're not done with the rain just yet. you see showers forming over the coastal waters. we'll talk about that and how long that will linger around, coming up. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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hey john,whoa!k it out. yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today.
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since today is halloween, we wanted to give you fun facts about the holiday. this year, children will dress up from the movie frozen. and spiderman, and 3 million dress as animals. if you want to select your own candy, there's a 50/50 chance. it's hit or miss whether homeowners let trick or treaters select what they want. this year, 9 billion pieces of candy corn will be produced. that's more than 11 million ears of corn. >> also, since it's halloween. we thought we would look back at some of the scariest movie villains of all time. >> what does it take to make a really great bad guy? from hannibal to freddy to jason, it's time to go go to
5:45 pm
hollywood. >> hannibal the cannibal lector. a gentleman scholar who just happens to enjoy his victims for dinner. anthony hopkins, one of the most horrifying villains in history. >> reaching into clarice's soul. >> heath ledger, his unhinged performance is creepy as the joker. >> this is just a dream. he isn't real. >> modern villains owe it all to these two butchers, freddy and jason. the titans of 1980 terror. freddy krueger. >> where's your wife? >> glen close's psychotic alex forest is undeniably one of the
5:46 pm
best female villains. after a one-nightstand goes bad, she's left to stalking and boiling a bunny. >> more entertainment news on the insider. for kron 4 news. back to you, pam. we have indoor location where is you can take your kids trick-or-treating. it's all on it's under the features tab. click on family fun at the top. there's good information there. >> if you're taking your kids trick-or-treating, right now the rain is out of the bay area. it looks like it's going is to stay long enough for you to enjoy the outdoors. we're looking at the golden gate bridge. it's pretty much dried out. the rain that pushed through earlier today is now in the central valley. right now temperatures running in the upper 50s and low 60s around the bay area. 60s in san francisco. 56 in san jose. 57 out in livermore.
5:47 pm
so if you're headed out in trick-or-treating, it's going to stay dry for much of the evening. we're not expecting anything. the south bay, it looks like it's going to pick up much later than tonight. in san francisco, along the peninsula and the san mateo coastline, spotty showers in the forecast. i think it's going to hold off until later this evening. let's take a look at satellite and radar picture. here's the main front. the cold front pushing into the center valley right now. still seeing a a little bit of light rain and portions in the south bay. as we look at the shore, we have the system sitting here. you will notice the spotty cloud pattern that's associated with it. that shows instability, and we are going to be seeing spotty thunderstorms along the san mateo coastline south of the golden gate down toward the peninsula into the south bay as we head into tomorrow morning. so let's take a look at your rain headlines. the time line, roughly midnight
5:48 pm
tonight. we've see a few i thinkerring showers hanging around until the early afternoon on saturday. the rainfall totals are going to vary. it depends on where the thunderstorms end up hitting, but we do have the potential of lightning and small hail. it looks good because offshore we're seeing lightning. a couple of areas of rain. the 9:00, midnight, with the chance of showers, when they will pick up. mainly south into the 5:00 hour tomorrow morning. into the 9:00 hour. computer models picking up where those thunderstorms will fall. it's a general area south of the golden gate. mainly the san mateo coastline, the peninsula and down -- taking a look at the 1:00 hour. still looking at the showers. things are going to dry out after that. temperatures similar to what we saw today. looking at the low to mid-60s through much of the bay area.
5:49 pm
65 in cupertino. . in the 60s up in the north -- san rafael, 63 in san francisco. as for the sierra. we're going to be seeing snow. you see the blue starting to creep onto the screen. the colder air filters in to the sierra. we'll continue to see showers. mainly at 5,000 feet. some of the higher terrains are going to get more snow. it's going to be heavier. you see the snow continuing. we're looking at over a foot of fresh powder tomorrow afternoon. our extended forecast, kind of a one and done deal. by the afternoon, things are going to clear out and then we'll start warming sunday through next week. stay with us. we'll be right back after the break.
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marin county, library users are now able to stream audio books, movies, television shows from the county's catalog. the library's director says they teamed up with a streaming service which works similar to netflix. so far there have been 1,000 down loads. the new program launched back on october 1st. now, time for the kron 4 tech report with gabe slate. >> tech reporter gabe slate here, all good things must come to an end. you will soon be seeing video ads in your instagram feed. >> one of the first ads you could see popping up in your feed is this one by banana republic or this one by disney for big hero six. when they started invading facebook, that was a lot of -- the last straw for a lot of people. they moved to instagram for a less chaotic social feed. when facebook bought instagram,
5:54 pm
we all knew they would look for opportunities to get ads in there. they will roll out over the next few weeks or so. if you're not sure what is an ad and what is from a friend. when you see this blue arrow, that means it's sponsored. knowing these ads have been annoying. instagrams that given you a little control over the type of video ads you receive. look for this similar poll, three dots on any post that features an ad. if you click on that, you can hide the ad from your feed. this will tell them you don't like that kind of ad. it's not clear if these ads will be autoplayed in your feed, meaning they start rolling without you choosing the play them. that's how it works currently on facebook. they will ad.
5:55 pm
next, the extreme measures some fans took to make sure they get to see their favorite players. we have a lot more news straight ahead.
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5:58 pm
i'm pammore. what a day a san francisco giants fan. hundreds of thousands of people cruded. the players taking as many pictures of their fans as they were taking of them. take a look at what the crowds looked like from the air.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
at the end of the song robin williams was at the end of the song. they played it on the scoreboard when he took the team out. so i loved what he said. it was just two words. it hit all of us. we felt it, it was simple as this. yes, indeed. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, i love you. >> certainly some touching moments there from those giants playing there from the influence of robin williams. you can see those banners, those world series banners.
6:01 pm
these dozen of workers still busy. >> all right, j.r.. what would it be without the mayor. he spoke to the thousands of giants fans out at civic center plaza. >> yes! yes! yes, we did it. our giants shocked the world with a dramatic win and they secured a place forever in our hearts and our history books. >> some die-hard fans. >> you can see some how fans came with some ideas how to get
6:02 pm
a birds-eye view of the parade. check out these guys who climbed up on top. they with waving at kim hudson right now. but then over here we have a couple of guys who climbed up on top of the bus shelter and this height here in order to check out their players. you have people who brought in a step tool probably from the offense. a lot of people going to some extremes in order to see their favorite players. >> the big names that roled out mark street today.
6:03 pm
>> reporter: at market and mcallister people like buster posey, and of course the panda who made that final out. panda ventured into the crowd to say hello to the fans. >> this is great. one in a lifetime. >> this is once in a lifetime-type of thing, but it's been three times. >> reporter: also waving to the crowd berry bonds. >> i'm glad i could help out. >> the great willy maze. >> every year, every three years they do something for the fans and they come out in this rain. this is very rewarding to the fans. >> reporter: for fans it was one confetti shower after another. >> it was awesome, it was great. >> seeing all my best players come.
6:04 pm
it's great. >> reporter: some like former san francisco out to see this again. >> we got to work on number four. >> in san francisco, dan, kron news. >> if there were outside early they did get wet. the bay indict hit the bay area. they really needed that rain gear. for some giant fans. what you wear speaks volumes. >> reporter: gone are the days of jerseys. now there are panda hats, jackets and the sky is the limit. they held a mini fashion show on the sidewalk. it didn't need to be expensive to be stylish. >> i got this at a 7 eleven
6:05 pm
because i needed three of them. >> reporter: no outfit is complete without accessories so he added a hat. >> where we sit in our section. she knows my by my hat. >> what an amazing day. if you want to relive it all, we'll be showing it again. kron 4 will give you the victory parade sunday november the 9th at 7:00 p.m. a look back at the best moments and speeches. we did wake up to rain in the bay area this morning. it is still cloudy but dry. we look at the san mateo bridge. again, with the rain having to move into the central valley.
6:06 pm
storm tracker showing a few light showers. we are seeing some light rain, check out down -- that's some heavy rain right over the interstate right there. that's the main font. it continues to push to the south. we are largely in the clear right now in the bay area which is good news if you are heading out for trick-or-treating. it's going to stay like that for the next couple of hours. you see the spotty cloud pattern. it's already favorable out there for thunderstorms. we will see the chance of thunderstorms increase and that is going to be until tomorrow morning. let's take a look at the trick-or-treat forecast again. just a slight chance of the north bay. once this round pushes through san francisco and the peninsula
6:07 pm
and chance of spotty thunderstorms as i mentioned. that's going to be later tonight. really late tonight into tomorrow morning, that's when that second round spotty rain will return. thunderstorms also a possibly. that means lightning and small hail. we have been seeing lightning strikes. it looks like we will see just a few especially near the coastline. next week, drier and warmer. we will warm gradually through the week. and then dry conditions persist through the 9:00 hour. i think we will be seeing spotty rain at this point. it will pick up more into the 5:00 hour. you can see it is favoring south of the golden gate. talk a little more of the
6:08 pm
thunderstorms just a bit. >> also ahead, more local news including what police say cause a blast in the apartment complex. the latest after a spacecraft explode.
6:09 pm
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6:11 pm
prosecutors are dropping the charges against an alemeda man. those charges were transferred to another department in this case. andrew gutierrez is charged with six counts. charges having filed against an officer accused of sharing explicit photographs of a dui suspect. the district attorney office announced the charges today. prosecutors say harrington searched the woman's phone and shared the pictures. no other officers will be
6:12 pm
charged at this time. lava is creeping to civilization. and a spacecraft killing one and seriesly injuring another. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds
6:13 pm
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6:15 pm
more local news in and out wall nut creek firefighters are on the scene of a huge explosion this morning. this happened about 10:20 this morning. it happened in the 1500 block of -- it was on north main street. it scattered lumber and roofing materials across the area. walnut police are conducting an investigation. >> we are confident that it
6:16 pm
wasn't a natural resource so it's at the hands of another, it's going to be criminal. we are confident that it was terror attack. >> you are investigating this is possibility this was a drug lab. >> we are investigating it was a possibility, if it wasn't natural resource it's going to be the hands of another criminal. at least 50 people in the neighborhood have been displaced by this explosion and are being held by the red cross. >> i'm hearing this as you are hearing it. my heart is beginning to sink. >> one person is dead another is hurt. the space rocket known as
6:17 pm
spaceship two exploded after it launched. it happened about 10:15 this morning just over the dessert. a witness says it exploded. the craft ignited it's rocket motor. one person parachuted to the ground and was seriously hurt, another died in theboth were te. >> when we have a mishap from the test community we find the test community is very small and we are human and it hurts and our hearts, thoughts, prayers absolutely with the families, of the victims. >> this was the 35th test flight for the space trip.
6:18 pm
san francisco police are looking for a bank robber tonight. the robber is a man in his 40s or 50s. he gave the teller a note who held over a bag of money. right now police are looking at surveillance pictures to try to track down that suspect. another homicide, this happened in midnight in downtown san jose. they found a man with at least one gunshot wound. they are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. they do not have any suspects. >> we know the ie denty of the woman who died. they pulled her body out of the water. according to her facebook page, she had just moved to san
6:19 pm
francisco from seattle. officials say she was hiking during el camino del mar when they apparently fell from a cliff. he was pulled to safety and suffered minor injuries. the lava seems to be slowing. the 13-mile long lava flow has been moving for a while now as it crept to a small community. still more than 80 hawaii national guard members have been sent to help with the area with roadblocks and security to keep people there safe. we did wake up to quite a bit of rain this morning, even for the giants parade. people did come prepared with rain jackets and umbrellas and even with their flies there to
6:20 pm
show their support. the rain impacting. right now, thing are a bit drier. we can see a few breaks in the cloud cover. taking a look at our rainfall totals. we saw more than that down in the south in san jose. a half of an inch of rain this morning into the early afternoon. looking live at storm tracker for radar. we are still seeing light range down highway 101 into morgan hills. also light showers over there. this is slowing traffic a little bit too. a little bit more than usual. you will see the pain front, the cold front pushing into the central valley right now. that doesn't mean we are done with the rain just yet. the core of this storm is still
6:21 pm
offshore. you can see this spotty cloud with it indicating instability. lightning strikes has been de -- detected out here. we can see the showers kick up. they will end early tomorrow. the rainfall totals depend on where these storms end up falling. small hail and lightning a small possibility. we have detected lightning strikes. pass midnight i think that's when the showers will start picking up. the futurecast is not showing that. so as we move into 9:00 we see a lot of activity south of the golden gate. this is where the computer
6:22 pm
models estimate where we will be. as we move into the later afternoon hours, you will see clearing, but the early afternoon still going to hang on into a few of those showers. the highs are similar to what we saw today. 64 in napa, 65 in san jose. as for the sierras snow is going to kick off. it will drop those snow levels a little lower. you will see the snow all the way in the morning hours tomorrow. it will continue into the early afternoon. we are expecting up to 14 inches of new snow above 7,000 feet by tomorrow afternoon. this is going to taper off tomorrow afternoon. after that, we don't have any rain in site for the rest of the
6:23 pm
extended forecast. gasoline prices have dipped. what you can expect when you fill up this weekend. the break in the strike that had recyclables piling up in the east bay. bulldog: what's this? mattress discounters veterans day sale ending? but mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! comforpedic... icomfort... posturepedic hybrid... and wow! four years interest free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set
6:24 pm
for just $397. the veterans day sale is ending soon! ♪ mattress discounters
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6:26 pm
napa county is getting more money to help prosecute drunk drivers. they will respond directly to drunk driving crash scenes and carry those cases all the way to the courtroom. east bay was -- reports indicate that contract is nearly the same one offered by waste management. the six-year contract deal provide pay increases each year to go up to $21 an hour by 2019.
6:27 pm
we have the latest on the top stories of the day including the update on the two victims caught in an explosion in an apartment. a color fans who cheered on the world series fans. we are not done with the rain just yet. you see the rain forming over the coastal waters heading our way. i'll tell you when it will arrive coming up.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
now kron 4 news with a quick look at today's top story. >> here in walnut creek a criminal investigation under way. two people were seriously injured. neighbors reported furniture being knocked over and windows broken in their unit some 200 feet away. police suspect the blast was by
6:31 pm
an illegal drug lab. charges have been filed accused sharing explicit photos. he is charged for copying computer data. the district attorney office says harrington is the only one facing charges at this time. in san francisco, it was about the world champion san francisco giants on friday, directly behind me you can see the work being done outside of city hall. you also see those banners, those san francisco giants banners. today they held a parade followed by a ceremony that happened outside of city hall. fans showed up despite the
6:32 pm
rainy, wet, cold conditions to cheer on the giants. >> reporter: giant fans are here, they are excited to see their favorite players and the players are happy to see them. >> they are giving me love right now. >> they bring it. they bring it all the time. this is no exception. i do believe the biggest reason we win is because we play in front of a packed crowd. >> this is absolutely amazing. >> kron 4 news. >> reporter: continuing our coverage. how to get a birds-eye view of the parade. a lot of people have climbed up on top of the statue in order to
6:33 pm
see their favorite players. >> reporter: continuing our coverage. here is a family, take a look at this family behind me. a lot of kids attended the parade. a lot of kids, actually cut school to attend this parade. they said it was worthwhile. they said it was certainly history in the making. reporting here. >> reporter: they held a minifashion show on the sidewalk. there were panda jackets and basketball jerseys. >> i had to get my hat. the gal she knows me by my hat. she always says, i love your hat. >> this fashion show there are
6:34 pm
no winners or losers. >> this morning, he happened to find one special family who have a baby for each year the giants won the world series. >> you guys have world series babies. >> so we are world series babies. she was born in 2010, 2012, and 2014. >> reporter: was it part of the celebration? >> i don't know about that. it was after she got on tv. maybe she is the good luck charm and started it off. >> reporter: are you going to take one for the team? how many more are you going to have for us to be out here. >> we have had our fair share. >> i say two more. you had to be here to share the
6:35 pm
experience with your family. there was no other place? >> we endured the craziness. this little guy has to have his pictures. our big weather story is the rain pushing into the central valley. we are still hanging on to a little bit of light rain. this is largely tapering off. the radar picture, the main front is pushing to the south-southeast. the core of the storm is still offshore. we are going to pick some more rain into the overnight hours. let's take a look at futurecast. keeping things dry by 8:00. we will see some brief clearing as the rain approaches again. the rain is going to come
6:36 pm
tomorrow morning is going to be spotty, kind of hit and miss. you will see that into the 8:00 hour here. down to the east states. as we move to the 11:00 hour still seeing some spotty showers. things will continue to dive down to the south. we'll see drier conditions. we are going to see snow many rain is turning to snow now in the sierra. we are expecting a decent amount of snow above 7,000 feet. up to 14 inches of new snow in the higher terrain. tomorrow, into the afternoon, things will dry out. not only sunday, but all of next week. it may be a wet halloween in the bay area. well show you where coming up.
6:37 pm
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it's been quite a while since americans have seen prices at the gas station that started with a two. the national average price of gasoline dropped $0.33 in october landing today today at $3 a gallon. it should fall blow that mark tomorrow morning for the first time. we are not seeing those prices in the bay area. in san francisco the average price is $3.51. much lower in oakland. if you plan to continue the giants victory into the weekend. be careful of the team gear.
6:41 pm
government ice agents have seized almost 200 pieces of counterfit clothes. the items look autothennic. the government act say that upon closer examination you can see by the stitching and quality. in some of them the names are spelled wrong. more on the championship parade. and after sports we have lovely pictures of the trick-or-treats you won't want to miss. female announcer: right now, at sleep train
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6:44 pm
all right. welcome back everyone. a little rain couldn't slow down the parade today. it celebrated it's third world series title in five years.
6:45 pm
it started at the ferry building. hello there. you see the confetti going on. it made it's way to civic center plaza. the weather cooperated. you saw jeremy affeldt, bruce bochy. he's the manager who win the world series. buster posey was kind of quiet in the playoffs. panda is set to be a free agent. of course, the spiritual leader. and the man of the hour, there
6:46 pm
he is. madison bumgarner without him today's celebration probably wouldn't have happened. bochy showed off the hardware and the fun began. >> you turn baseball upside-down and you broke every word. so i have a few questions today to ask. is madbum a man or a machine? >> mvp! mvp! >> boys, i cannot believe that we are world champs. i've waited a long time for this. thanks for accepting me and my
6:47 pm
family with open arms. i can't wait for next year. >> this is a dynasty. i'm proud to stand next to three trophies. i'm proud to stand to these gentlemen behind me. our families, our fans, we can all wear a different shirt. that's what we wear, i'm proud of it. [ cheers and applause ] >> for the third time in five years, i can say, we are the giants. [ cheers and applause ] >> we are san francisco. and we are the world champions. >> hunter, you see those cameras
6:48 pm
out there? that probably means live tv. so choose your words wisely pal. >> madison bumgarner yes. buster posey? >> yes. >> can we do it again? >> yes! yes! >> let's go giants. let's go giants! [ cheers and applause ] >> great celebration there at civic center. no secret to off-season whether they will bring back pablo sandoval. we shall see. >> is there anything i can do to keep panda in san francisco?
6:49 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> before we hear the sign pablo chant -- i think i'm a little light larry. not enough, right pablo? >> re-sign pablo. >> yes! >> hard for him walking away. the way everybody had fun with it today. it sure feels like the panda is coming back. the giants are always quick to remind everyone when is the last time they let a player go that they wanted to bring back to often. kron 4 caught up to bochy.
6:50 pm
>> we have a ways to go. >> consider this, the giants are the first national league team in 68 years to win three championships in five years. to me it doesn't matter how you did it, whether you have one, two, three, super stars, where you are a wild card team. bottom line they won three tights in five years. that is an amazing accomplishment. you have to consider them a dynasty. one more in 2016 -- after just one year they hired this man joe madon. maddon is considered to have one
6:51 pm
of the kirk ki. he will try to turn around a team. the cubs by the way, they have not won a world series in 106 years. when the warriors decided not to trade, you would figure that thompson would get a new contract. he will get paid $70 million in four years. it's an extension that will keep clay to the golden state. he is widely considered one of the best shooting guards in the nba. thompson's new deal -- thompson making six million more than curry. the splash brothers are back. as for the giants sunday night,
6:52 pm
we will wrap it up also look back at the postseason. fantastic sports week. >> we have another look at your weekend forecast coming up after the break. yeah, enough for two. gosh. try four, buddy. hmm, i'll take a dark roast. french vanilla, make it strong! the all new keurig 2.0 is here. brew for one, brew for all.
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6:55 pm
a rainy day on this halloween. this is what you call a spooky site in chicago. it snowed there all day today. kron 4 has received all kinds of halloween pictures today. take a look at these. >> look at the m&m? >> i know. we have so many cute pictures to show you. we want more. look at this one. we encourage you to send us the
6:56 pm
snapshots of your little goblins just send them to breaking news kron we want to check back into the weather. any more weather tonight? >> there will be rain later, not right now though. we are generally dry right now. you will see a few lightning strikes over the coastal waters. as that meres the coastlines we will see that over the san mateo. >> we want to live you a look at the sights and sounds of the san francisco giants today. we'll see you at 8:00. ♪ we are the champions ♪
6:57 pm
♪ we are the champions my friends ♪
6:58 pm
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> if i can just make it through tonight without my water breaking we're going to be fine. >> robert and susan's big night at the brittania awards. >> and breaking news with keltie on the red carpet. >> it's official, we have a due date. >> we've got the minivan. >> got to pack the bags. >> and from one dame to another, judi's advice to dame angelina. >> from l.a. to what's hot at the black ball. >> madonna's material girl chic to alicia's lows. >> these are the best things i have going on my body so i like to take them out whenever i can. >> and now they are trending. >> chelsea's battle with instagram. have the buzz on celebrity halloween style. >> with kate and goldie's mother/daughter dress-up and katy's red hot tweet. >> meanwhile, lloyd goes inside
7:00 pm
wendy williams' unexpected empire. >> people thought of you as a dark horse. >> from radio shock jock to talk show queen. her hard won battle to become a boss lady. >> my life is my best inspiration. >> then -- >> is this just a dream. >> why are you so serious? >> creeping out with hollywood's most vicious villains. >> i'm not going to be ignored. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, it's the "insider" together with yahoo!. >> we are reacquainting you with hollywood's most vicious villains. >> happy halloween, everybody, i'm louis aguirre. >> and i'm thea andrews. we'll also be going inside the empire of a woman who is not afraid to say pretty much anything, daytime's most fearless talker, wendy williams. first, red carpet baby talk and keltie knight is here to deliver that. >> yeah. let's talk about delivering. i was with the very pregnant and radiant mrs. robert downey jr. last night. doesn't she look incredible? >> beautiful. >> oh, my goodness, at the brittania awards and he and


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